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Senior Awards Program- https://youtu.be/6r055VXWNFs- Congrats Class of 2020
Public Notice

Spring Semester Final Grade Forms

Final Course Grades for Spring 2020


Each 9th, 10th, and 11th grade student will decide how their final grades for Spring 2020 courses will be reported, which will also be how they appear on their transcript.  Decisions are final and cannot be changed once we begin the 2020-2021 school year. Students will determine how each spring course final grade will be reported.  You do not have to make the same decision for all spring courses.


Students have the following choices:

  1. Receive a numeric grade.  This grade can be the grade on March 13 or the grade on May 29.  The higher grade will be applied.  This grade will be counted in the GPA.
  1. Receive a PC19.  The student was passing the course on March 13 and will get credit for the course but the grade will not factor into the GPA.
  1. Receive a WC19.  The student was failing the course on March 13 and was unable to improve the grade through remote learning.  The student will not get a credit for the course and the grade will not factor into the GPA.
Options for returning forms:
1-Mail the signed form back to the school
2- Complete the form digitally online
3- Take a photo or scan with their phone and email to your homeroom teacher.
Click below to print form