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COVID-19 UPDATE - Important Information Needed from Students/Parents

Dear Wilkes Central Families,

It is our sincere hope that you are doing well during this time.  We certainly miss the hustle and bustle of having our Eagles here at The Nest.  Your kids are truly missed and we look forward to the day when all of us can return to our normal routines.

All of our teachers have attempted to contact our families.  There are many situations where we do not have a working number.  If you or your child has not spoken to a faculty member, please contact our office and make sure we have correct and up to date information in PowerSchool.  During this transition to Remote Learning, our teachers will be working to communicate on a frequent basis.  At this point, students should have been logging in during this two week period to complete assignments that were posted as review and enrichment.  Effective Monday, March 30, 2020 we will begin with new material and instruction.  All assignments will be posted through Canvas and we are encouraging our staff to utilize Canvas and Remind as the primary tools for communication.  In return we would ask that our students do the same.  Parents may continue to email teachers. You can locate their email on our school website- wchs.wilkescountyschools.org. Click on the Academics tab, then select the department for the teacher (Math, Science, English, etc.) on the right you will see a staff tab and teacher’s emails are located in this area.

As we move into this new arena of fully remote learning, please keep in mind everyone, including staff members, will continue to learn how to best support students and utilize new tools like video conferencing.  Our staff will be available and following the schedule below to support students as well as holding virtual meetings from time to time.  We do expect students to complete the assignments and meetings as required by the teachers.  Students will need to daily log into Canvas to see when and if they should join a virtual classroom or if they just have assignments to complete.  Students will not be required to meet with a teacher virtually in every class.  They will have assignments most days that will have due dates to be completed.  Work will be posted regularly and students should check Canvas regularly.

We also know that internet capabilities vary and if you need paper copies we are happy to help.  We will ask that you pick up assignments in our Commons unless transportation is an issue for you.  If so, please be sure to contact our office staff so that we can work with you during this time. If you have a need for paper copies please notify each teacher of this need so that we can work to get you the learning material. You may also contact the front office and we will be happy to send an email for you to your child’s teachers.  We will need a partnership between home and school to make this a success. Parents are asked to make sure your child is working and assignments are completed through the week.  There will be an expectation that something is completed on a weekly if not daily basis. That something will vary from day to day.  We want to ensure that students do not miss important instruction that may negatively impact them next school year or post high school.

In order to prevent mass confusion our students will be asked to try and contact their teachers during the times listed below.  Our teachers will also schedule their virtual class meetings during these times to avoid overlapping with other classes.

Our teachers will specifically work with class periods during the times below:

1st Period- 9:00 am - 10:00 am 

2nd Period- 10:15 am - 11:15 am

3rd Period- 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Lunch Break 12:30-1:00

4th Period- 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Students should strive to connect with their classroom teachers during this time and check for new assignments. Their teachers will utilize Canvas to guide students regarding expectations and communication.  We would ask that all students log into Canvas DAILY even if there are no assignments due.  There will be times that an assignment is posted or video for that day to be completed before a Zoom meeting or other virtual meeting.  While we are happy to work with our families, the one constant will be the need to communicate and complete work during this nearly two month period.  Staff will be available during the regular school day by Canvas and Remind text. Staff will also have “office hours” from 8:00-9:00 each morning and 2:00 until 3:25 each afternoon.  Our staff will also continue to have virtual staff meetings during office hours so they will communicate if they cannot assist you on a specific day due to a school meeting. Please give teachers 24 hours to respond during this time as they may have up to and over 100 students a day needing support and assistance.


Your child will receive grades on the work that is posted beginning Monday, March 30th.  Our goal is to be supportive and helpful during this time.  Feedback will be given but assignments will need to be completed and turned in.  If you are struggling with an assignment, it will be critical to communicate with your teacher so that they know you need more help. This is not meant to negatively impact any student who is truly trying and working to complete their work.  We will do all we can to prevent this from being a negative for those who may struggle in this learning environment.  Our major request will be to give your best and to do the work as assigned when assigned.  It will be difficult to take lots of late work in this learning environment.


As we begin this journey, your patience and your communication will be key to its success.  We know that many families are facing new and uncertain situations with the loss of income and jobs.  Our goal is to be what we have always strived to be –an Eagle Nation that supports and helps our families.  We hope during this time we can work together to organize and can support “our kids” through this frightening time.  Know that all of our staff desires to support our students just like they have been every day this year.  Be patient with us as we learn how to effectively use new tools, teach totally online, and support students through the next over 50 days of remote learning.


We are part of a great nation and community.  At the end of this we will come out stronger.  For the Class of 2020, our hearts go out to you and we are continuing to think about how to give you the best senior year considering the circumstances.  While I cannot deliver any promises, we are continuing to explore options for prom and thinking about how graduation will occur.  Unfortunately, only time will allow us to have a better picture of what this will look like.  Our hope is that our community will be spared and that we will all be together soon.


I hope this provides clarification for the days ahead.  We are working daily from 8 am until 4 pm unless a shelter in place is put into effect. Feel free to contact us at 667-5277 or by email if you need our administrative staff.  Teachers will continue to be available by email or Remind for parents and through Canvas for students.  If you haven’t joined Remind for your child’s teachers you can find the list of codes on our school webpage. www.wchs.wilkescountyschools.org.  This will allow you to also text and receive updates on your personal phone.  We ask that all students please join Remind for our staff as well.


Our prayers are with you all.  We look forward to having The Nest full again soon.  We will continue to update and communicate with you on a regular basis.  Be sure to keep a watch on our social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We will post frequently.


Always with Eagle Pride,

Dr. C. Dion Stocks


Lunch Pick-up Location Sites:
  • Peace Street Apts.
  • Maplewood Ct. Trailer Park
  • Country Square Trailer Park
  • Hickory Street Apts.
  • Woodlawn Housing (includes 3rd St.)
  • 4th & J. St. Apartments
  • College Apts. & Glenn Hill
  • Cub Creek Apts.
  • Ashley Lane & Courtyard Drive